Eddie Jones: If we need curfew then we have wrong leaders

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The day Eddie Jones imposes a curfew on his England team will be the day he believes he has the wrong leadership group at the core of his squad.

As the Football Association conducts an investigation to determine exactly what happened on Saturday evening with England football captain Wayne Rooney, Jones backed his squad to self-police their own discipline off the field.

Jones dismissed any need for a curfew, saying he expects England’s leadership group of captain Dylan Hartley and vice-captains Billy Vunipola, Owen Farrell and Mike Brown to maintain discipline.

But when asked whether he would ever consider imposing a curfew, he answered if that were to happen then he would have the “wrong captain and the wrong vice-captains”.

He added: “[The England team] are professional sportsmen who have the privilege of playing for England. They have to do everything to be at their best for England.

“If they do anything outside of that, then they don’t want to play for England.

“Every player is different; we’ve got payers I this group that have transgressed. If they transgress again, they’ll be in trouble. We’ve got players with perfect records.

“Everyone makes a mistake so everything is looked at individually, we don’t have any set rules or regulations about how we treat them.”

Central to self-policing squad discipline is captain Hartley. He says he trusts “individuals to make the right decisions” and said following Saturday’s match against Fiji, the players will turn attention to their next Test against Argentina.

It is a different policy to the previous regime under Stuart Lancaster, which ex-England captain Will Carling described as “prescriptive”, “a classroom-orientated environment” where players were treated as “schoolboys”.

Under Jones, Hartley feels England “have just gone the other way”.

“We just trust in the guys to make good decisions,” Hartley said. “We don’t have an A4 sheet with rules written on it.

“We just trust the guys to do the right thing. Luckily we haven’t had any issues as of yet. We just treat men like men and you get men.”

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Eddie Jones: If we need curfew then we have wrong leaders
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