Why I’m writing about my rugby coaching journey

I’ve been active in grassroots rugby for over 25 years now. But it took me upwards of two decades to realize that these experiences might actually be useful to others. For example, it is common for me to receive requests for advice on running tournaments, how to start a club, how to fundraise, to name but a few.

A different approach

As an IT professional who loves to write, of course a blog with a comments section makes perfect sense. And after about 18 months of coaching I finally have enough information and perspective to start writing about my journey.

I plan to write about both my highs and lows, how I solved problems, and how I stay motivated and interested in coaching. I’m also hoping to share drills every now and again to get input from you on ways to improve/modify/progress them.

As I start, I plan to write articles in a pattern: one technical post, one practical post, and one philosophical post.


With this plan in mind, I’m hoping that writing about my coaching experience here at What Is Rugby can serve three purposes:

  1. Serve as a resource for new rugby coaches to provide them with the confidence to build successful rugby programs.
  2. Provide context for ongoing or new issues that arise and could benefit from the advice from experienced coaches.
  3. Help me to be more introspective and analytical about my training sessions, and more deliberate in making adjustments to training session-to-session, week-to-week, and season-to-season.

Turnover time

So, what do you think of using a blog as a real-time resource for new coaches like myself? Let me know what you think in the comments below!

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