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The Super World Series of Rugby takes its first steps

“We are trying to strike a balance between quality of play and ticket sales, and emmigration. If we let in Argentina or Tonga, the risk of a domestic team losing a match is simply too high right now. New Zealanders will not spend $200 to watch these amateurs defeat what’s left of our national side players. On the other hand, if we send our teams to the US, most of them will probably score lucrative contracts and not return. Samoa strikes the balance: the rugby is good, but not great, and who wants to move to Samoa? Have you been to Samoa?”

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O’Sullivan accepts Pacific Rim expansion job

“I am now in a position to affect rugby in a much larger capacity than I ever could as a national team coach. Expanding the Pacific Nations Cup and raising the level of rugby in the so-called ‘2nd Tier’ nations is critical to the future of rugby, and I expect the locals to be grateful, very very grateful.”

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Southern Hemisphere chances fade: Rugby World Cup quarter-finals, day 1

“Four more years…four more years”. Those were George Greegan’s words to New Zealand upon Australia’s semi-final victory at the 2003 Rugby World Cup. I suspect many English and French fans are echoing this sentiment today as their National sides upset two championship favorites in the first day of quarter final action at the 2007 Rugby World Cup and sent Australia and New Zealand home early.