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Firm refereeing at the international level: thank-you Jonathon Kaplan!

None of this compares however to the feeling i get while watching test rugby. Since the skill level is so high, the referees generally allow many things that would be free-kicks or penalties at the amateur level. The best example is the use of hands in the ruck. It is generally now accepted that the ball carrier will twist his body (when possible) and stick the ball out of the back of the ruck. It is very rare these days to actually see other participants in the ruck actually using their feet to free-up the ball.

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New promotional video endorsing sevens rugby for the 2016 Olympics

Despite recent set backs and on the heels of the Beijing games, the International Rugby Board (IRB) continues its push for the inclusion of sevens rugby in the Olympics with a new promotional video (see below). Stressing the common ideals of fair play and friendship, the video is the latest move by the IRB after failing in 2005 to secure a spot in the 2012 London Olympics.