I will not coach rugby with COVID-19 surging

Safety. For us at Hamilton Rugby in Sussex, Wisconsin, it is the first and last word we consider for any activity. And broadly speaking, rugby as a sport is pretty good at putting safety first. But that wasn’t always the case.  When I began playing rugby in 1994, the main safety concern was catastrophic spinal […]

Gifted athletes can ruin your rugby program

Having a so-called “gifted” athlete on your rugby team can be great if they have the right attitude and fit well into your team culture. But gifted athletes can ruin your rugby program if they don’t have the commitment and personal values to match their skill at sport. For example, in the hyper-competitive area of pay-to-play […]

How I started coaching rugby

Before I started playing rugby I looked for a team sport more challenging and exciting than touch football. With its contact, flow, and running score clock, rugby turned out to be just what I needed. So how did I go from being a weekend warrior to running practices three times a week at the local High […]