Gifted athletes can ruin your rugby program

Having a so-called “gifted” athlete on your rugby team can be great if they have the right attitude and fit well into your team culture. But gifted athletes can ruin your rugby program if they don’t have the commitment and personal values to match their skill at sport. For example, in the hyper-competitive area of pay-to-play […]

The one key component that every rugby coaching clinic needs

Over the years I’ve attended numerous rugby training sessions for everything from coaching to refereeing to administration. But the USA Rugby coaching clinic I attended last weekend at Taft High School in Chicago, IL was hands-down the best clinic I have ever attended. 

Teaching ruck technique with a tackle bag – part 1

There are many challenges to teaching new rugby players the technique of rucking. Not the least of which is the purpose of the ruck in the first place. In my experience, teaching ruck technique with a tackle bag helps overcome these challenges so that players can progress in their skill and understanding. Here’s a simple […]

Using themes to plan a rugby practice

As any coach can tell you, the success of a rugby practice correlates well to the amount of planning and preparation. And using themes to plan a rugby practice is a great organizational method that will improve your training sessions. Reduced preparation time Planning your rugby practice around a theme has many benefits, not the least of […]

How I started coaching rugby

Before I started playing rugby I looked for a team sport more challenging and exciting than touch football. With its contact, flow, and running score clock, rugby turned out to be just what I needed. So how did I go from being a weekend warrior to running practices three times a week at the local High […]