Rugby World Cup

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Why are we still comparing Wilkinson and Cipriani?

In every article, they talk about Wilkinson, then report the ‘non-news’ that “Oh, by the way, Cipriani wasn’t selected”. Then there’s the required photo of Cipriani giving Wilkinson some ‘advice’ during the 2008 Six Nations (above), as if Wilkinson is somehow pissed that he has to listen to Cipriani. Can we drop the bullshit here folks.

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The Super World Series of Rugby takes its first steps

“We are trying to strike a balance between quality of play and ticket sales, and emmigration. If we let in Argentina or Tonga, the risk of a domestic team losing a match is simply too high right now. New Zealanders will not spend $200 to watch these amateurs defeat what’s left of our national side players. On the other hand, if we send our teams to the US, most of them will probably score lucrative contracts and not return. Samoa strikes the balance: the rugby is good, but not great, and who wants to move to Samoa? Have you been to Samoa?”

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South African rugby: can you spell ‘Drama Queen’

The more I read about rugby in South Africa, the more I feel like I’m reading some trashy diva piece in the Enquirer or some other bottom-feeding, pop-culture rag. What’s got my knickers in a knot this time? If you have not heard, there is currently a row over the use of the Springbok, an antelope indigenous to South Africa, on the national team jersey.

Yes, that’s right. The most serious issue in South African rugby is apparently what mascot to use on the damn shirts. Oh … my … God!

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New promotional video endorsing sevens rugby for the 2016 Olympics

Despite recent set backs and on the heels of the Beijing games, the International Rugby Board (IRB) continues its push for the inclusion of sevens rugby in the Olympics with a new promotional video (see below). Stressing the common ideals of fair play and friendship, the video is the latest move by the IRB after failing in 2005 to secure a spot in the 2012 London Olympics.