How to recruit rugby players and be honest about concussion risk

If you’re like me and coach minors, you might be struggling with strategies to ease the legitimate concerns of parents regarding concussion risk in rugby and other contact sports. At my school, we take a pragmatic and honest approach and in our experience, this is not a major obstacle for recruiting new players. Before I […]

Add context to practices with the rugby coaching pyramid

Rugby season has begun again here in Wisconsin. It’s a great time to reflect both on last season as well as my offseason coaching development. In particular, I’ve been reviewing the lessons learned from my experience with Premiership Rugby Coaching Development Scholarship. One lesson that stands out it is the importance of teaching the players […]

Premiership Scholarship Day 3 – Practice planning and delivery with Harlequins

The entire third day of the Premiership Coaching Development Scholarship was spent with the Harlequins men’s and women’s teams at their practice sessions at Surrey Sports Park. It was both massively challenging and greatly rewarding. The pace, organization, and simplicity of the practice was impressive. The sheer amount of productivity at the 90-minute men’s practice […]

Premiership Scholarship Day 2 – Coaching process and Rugby School

After getting some much-needed rest to shake off the jet lag from Day 1, we headed into the second day of the Premiership Rugby Coaching Development Scholarship with enthusiasm. The day began with a class focused on the role of the coach. The facilitator for this session was Gareth Hatherley-Hurford, the skills coach at London […]

Using themes to plan a rugby practice

As any coach can tell you, the success of a rugby practice correlates well to the amount of planning and preparation. And using themes to plan a rugby practice is a great organizational method that will improve your training sessions. Reduced preparation time Planning your rugby practice around a theme has many benefits, not the least of […]