How to recruit rugby players and be honest about concussion risk

If you’re like me and coach minors, you might be struggling with strategies to ease the legitimate concerns of parents regarding concussion risk in rugby and other contact sports. At my school, we take a pragmatic and honest approach and in our experience, this is not a major obstacle for recruiting new players. Before I […]

Premiership Scholarship Day 6 – Functional roles and selections with Saracens

Day six of the Premiership Rugby Coaching Development Scholarship began with a trip to Woollams Playing Fields, home to Old Albanians RFC and the full-time training facility for Saracens. The Saracens run a “clarity day” on Fridays to prepare for the Saturday match. Practice began with non-rugby games like soccer followed by ultimate rugby. It […]

Gifted athletes can ruin your rugby program

Having a so-called “gifted” athlete on your rugby team can be great if they have the right attitude and fit well into your team culture. But gifted athletes can ruin your rugby program if they don’t have the commitment and personal values to match their skill at sport. For example, in the hyper-competitive area of pay-to-play […]

Honesty in coaching – the foundation of a strong rugby program

Rugby’s core values are Integrity, Passion, Solidarity, Discipline, and Respect. As a coach, I make a concerted effort to frame situations at training and in matches around these values. While I recognize and coach rugby’s core values, I actually focus more of my times on another value: honesty in coaching. Honesty in Coaching Honesty is simpler […]